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Targeted expression analysis Tutorial

Enter input gene(s) and choose one of the following options:

  • GENE Open
  • Fill the textbox with actualised* gene symbol.

    *: see actualised web databases (e.g.: GeneCards, Source, Unigene...)

    @: the probesets followed by "@" are described as references for subtyping ER, PR and HER2 status by means of genomics data. See Kenn et al..

  • Choose one of the radio button to select which splitting method you want to explore for all patients.
    Note: 51 years old is median age at menopause in western industrialised countries.
    More information about molecular subtypes here.

    Legend  Open

     ER: oestrogen receptor
     HER2: HER2 receptor
     IHC: immunohistochemistry
     N+ vs N-: lymph node-positive versus lymph node-negative patients
     NPI: Nottingham prognostic index
     PR: progesterone receptor
     SBR: Scarff Bloom & Richardson grade
     TNBC: triple negative breast cancer by IHC (three hormone receptors: ER, HER2 and PR)

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